Hearing decisions

After the hearing, the APC can decide to:

  • allow you to remain enrolled without conditions
  • allow you to remain enrolled with conditions
  • recommend actions to be taken by the student (in addition to allowing you to continue your enrolment with or without conditions)
  • exclude you from your course.

Enrolment with conditions

To help you get back on track, the APC may set conditions on your enrolment to support your academic progress.

In determining enrolment conditions, the APC will consider your circumstances, including:

  • the minimum enrolment requirements for students who receive government benefits, as disclosed on My Plan for Success (e.g. youth allowance)
  • the right to remain in the country of study (e.g. for students on a student visa).


In addition to setting enrolment conditions, the APC may recommend that you take certain actions to support your academic progress. These can include:

  • taking a period of intermission
  • seeking professional medical or counselling assistance
  • considering options for a course transfer or an alternative exit.


You’ll be excluded if the APC isn’t satisfied that you can successfully complete your course within the maximum course duration or if you’re unable to meet a compulsory course requirement.

In making a decision, the APC will consider:

  • the maximum  duration of your course
  • your academic performance
  • your unsatisfactory academic performance relative to your course, including the number and nature of failed units (including compulsory units and the level of difficulty)
  • actions you’ve taken to improve your performance, including fulfilment of any enrolment conditions
  • the viability of your plan to address the factors negatively affecting your academic progress
  • your responses (or lack of response) in My Plan for Success.

If you attend the hearing and the APC decides to exclude you, they will tell you at the end of the hearing, unless there is a compelling reason not to. The chair will explain the reasons for the decision and tell you about appropriate support services.

Once you’ve been excluded, you can’t discontinue your course or transfer to another course (unless you have a successful appeal). You can, however, still apply for admission at any time and you’ll be considered according to the normal selection criteria.

If you’re excluded, use the time to think about why you came to Monash and what you really want for your future.

You may want to consider:

  • whether this is the right course or university for you
  • part-time or off-campus study
  • work, instead of study
  • studying in a few years’ time, rather than now
  • studying in another country, if you're an international student.

Notice of decision (APC)

The notice of decision (APC) will be sent to you within 10 working days from the date of the decision. This notice will outline the decision of the APC and the reasons for the decision.

You can request a copy of the hearing record (the meeting minutes of the hearing) from the APC executive officer within 10 working days of the hearing. This will be emailed to you within five working days of the request.

In some cases, you can appeal a decision or ask for a review of enrolment conditions. See appeals and reviews.

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