Course-related industry experience

Many students find their own work experience through networking and approaching organisations that employ staff relevant to their course. Sometimes organisations are willing to provide short-term unpaid learning placements to students if they're covered by insurance.

Insurance for placements

To help you improve your skills, Monash University may extend the personal accident insurance applicable to your course activities to unpaid, course-related learning placements. Monash will only support unpaid placements up to a maximum of 80 hours. You need to obtain faculty approval for this type of placement.

The host will need to complete the first form listed below, and you complete the second. Follow the details on the second form, to submit both forms.

Please allow a minimum of ten working-days for insurance coverage to be sent.

  1. Insurance form for course-related placements - host details (pdf, 0.23 mb)
  2. Insurance form for course-related placements - student application (pdf, 0.31 mb)

Student placements and Fair Work Act

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