How the general misconduct process works

The resolution process for reports of student general misconduct is handled by the responsible officer for general misconduct. The process has up to four stages.

The responsible officer:

  1. receives reports of general misconduct from Monash staff, students or the general public
  2. makes an initial assessment, which may include:
    1. dismissing the report and taking no further action
    2. referring the report for resolution, e.g. to security or human resources
    3. proceeding with the report and investigating the allegation
  3. investigates the allegations. While doing this, the responsible officer may gather further evidence, including by interviewing:
    1. the person reporting the misconduct
    2. the person reported
    3. witnesses.
  4. considers all of the available evidence. At times, the responsible officer may decide to refer the matter to a general misconduct panel for determination.

Reporting student general misconduct

If you experience, witness or become aware of concerning or unacceptable behaviour by another student, we encourage you to speak up and report the matter to the Office of Student Conduct.

We work closely with the Monash Safer Community Unit and Security units to ensure your ongoing safety and wellbeing.

To find out more, or to report general misconduct, see make a report of student misconduct.