Reporting student general misconduct

We understand it can be difficult to report misconduct. You may be worried about your own safety, or protecting your identity. In the first instance, all reports of problem behaviour are received by the Safer Community Unit. Their role is to listen and support you, and they will make sure that:

  • any necessary safety measures are put in place
  • you're referred to the most appropriate support services for your situation
  • have all the information you need about your formal reporting options to make the decision that’s right for you.

Make a report online

Privacy and confidentiality

The Safer Community Unit and Office of Student Conduct will both take all reasonable steps to protect your identity and maintain your confidentiality. Your personal details won't be provided to any other person without your permission.

You can also choose to make a report anonymously. This means no one, not even the Safer Community Unit or Office of Student Conduct, will know who you are. However, an anonymous report may limit our ability to investigate the matter.

Other ways of reporting

Reports of general misconduct may be made orally or in writing by staff, students, contractors and the public.

If there are reasonable grounds, the Office may also investigate matters of general misconduct that are not formally reported.

Reporting sexual offences

Monash University understands that students may have very good reasons for not reporting sexual offences at or close to the time they occur. The University encourages, and will accept, all reports of sexual assault regardless of when they occur.

If a complaint alleges offending by non-current students, we may be limited in our ability to proceed with misconduct proceedings. However, the University can still provide a range of support services to students who report the offence and refer them to external prosecution services, if requested.

Getting support

We encourage you to seek support through the many free services offered at Monash.


If you've made a written complaint, you may still be invited to a meeting to discuss it with the responsible officer for general misconduct and make another statement.

All cases are dealt with as promptly as possible. Each case is unique and the time frames can vary. You may enquire about the progress of your complaint at any time, and you can call or email us if you want an update.

The person reported (respondent)

When we investigate your complaint, we usually interview the respondent at a separate meeting. This is their opportunity to respond to the allegations.

Deciding the case

The responsible officer may decide the case at the interview, or send it to a Misconduct Panel Hearing for determination. Cases are decided by determining whether, on the balance of probabilities, the misconduct is likely to have occurred.

You may be asked to come to the hearing to tell your story to the panel. In sensitive cases, we’ll arrange to make this as easy as possible. This may include speaking from a separate room and having people with you for support.

Result of decision

If the misconduct is proven, the respondent is given a penalty, which may include an agreed penalty (such as counselling or an apology), a reprimand, or a suspension or exclusion from Monash University.

You’ll be notified of the conclusion of the case within seven days after the hearing. In some circumstances, you’ll be provided with information about the case's outcome. For more details, see outcomes and penalties.

Crimes compensation and legal advice

Depending on the type of misconduct reported, you may be eligible to pursue other legal outcomes or apply for compensation. If you’d like to access free legal advice, you should contact the Springvale Monash Legal Service.