What is general misconduct?

Here at Monash, we're committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all students, one which values inclusiveness and respect for others. The Monash Student Charter outlines the expected behaviour of students as well as how you should be treated by the University.

General misconduct describes unacceptable behaviour, and includes conduct by a student who knowingly or recklessly:

  • causes harm of any kind (physical, psychological, other)
  • threatens toor does) attack, harass, intimidate, stalk, victimise, vilify or bully another person
  • engages in non-consensual sexual activity
  • breaches the law or a University statute
  • disrupts the orderly conduct of the University.

This is further defined in the Monash University Council Regulations (Part 7) (pdf, 0.79 mb).

What to do

The University encourages you to let us know if you've been subjected to or witnessed unacceptable behaviour by another student.

Reporting sexual offences

The University understands that students may have very good reasons for not reporting sexual offences at or close to the time that they occur. Monash therefore encourages, and will receive, all reports of sexual assault regardless of when they occurred.

In complaints that allege offending by non-current students, we may be limited in our ability to proceed with misconduct proceedings. However, the University provides a range of support to students reporting offences and refers them to external prosecution services if requested.

Regulations and guidelines

For processes addressing other types of misconduct, see: