Have you seen inappropriate student behaviour?

If you've seen or experienced any form of unacceptable behaviour by another student, don't be afraid to speak up. This includes any behaviour that falls under general misconduct. Sometimes, speaking up during the incident can stop the behaviour in its tracks; at other times, it may not be safe for you to intervene. If you're unable to intervene, we encourage you to make a report.

Make a report

What you have to say is very important to the entire Monash community, and we encourage you to stand up and be heard for someone who may not be able to speak up for themselves.

Coming forward as a witness isn't always easy, so if you prefer to remain anonymous or have your identity protected, we'll treat everything you have to say in complete confidence, ensuring your privacy and safety.

Bystander action

Witnessing bad behaviour can be intimidating. If it’s safe to do so, speak up to help stop the behaviour. Encourage other bystanders, your friends and colleagues to speak up as well.

If the situation feels unsafe, you may not want to speak up. In this case, you can still make a difference by taking positive action.

Here are a few things you could do:

  • comfort anyone who's a victim of misconduct and let them know where they can get help and support
  • make it clear to your friends and colleagues that the University doesn't tolerate this type of behaviour and anyone speaking up will be heard and supported
  • report the matter so we can follow it up
  • if you have recordings, pictures or videos, provide them to us when reporting the incident – having proof is always helpful.

Watch these videos to learn more about bystander action and what you can do to be a positive bystander or upstander.