Personal and home safety

A strong sense of awareness of your personal safety is important, both on and off-campus.

To maximise your safety, here are some tips to consider:

  • plan your outings, particularly your return home. Check public transport timetables in advance to avoid long waits
  • pre-book a taxi or travel with a friend or in groups
  • make sure you’re aware of the security services on campus and familiarise yourself with the locations of our security office, emergency help points and security bus stops
  • use pedestrian walkways where available
  • keep your bag and belongings close to you and where you can see them
  • leave valuables at home if you don’t need to take them with you

For further practical tips, check out the videos below.

Victoria Police residential and personal safety information kit

The Residential crime prevention information kit (pdf, 99kb) includes information relating to a number of themes and topics - such as residential burglaries, family violence, fraud, vehicle safety and property damage.