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Monash students at Gippsland campus

Monash students at Gippsland campus


Monash University transferred its Gippsland campus to be part of Federation University Australia on 1 January 2014. Monash ceased making offers to new students, and has made arrangements with FedUni for teaching its continuing students. One Monash course will continue to admit Monash students at Gippsland,  and that is the medicine course MBBS.

Monash University has undertaken to maintain quality and experiences for its students at the campus. All current students can continue as Monash students until their course is complete, subject to normal Monash policies, and Monash faculties remain responsible for academic oversight. Monash units are  distinguished from FedUni units through their codes but have the same name.

Campus Service Council

The Monash Gippsland Campus Service Council (GCSC) is a key forum for Monash to consult with its students. The Council is formally constituted in University Statute 2.7 (pdf 147kb), and includes democratically elected student representatives and representatives from major student organisations.

The Council provides a forum for discussion on matters affecting the campus; and for student, staff, alumni and community input into a broad range of university activities.

Student representatives on the Council are responsible for allowing comment on funding priorities by students and student associations and organisations. They include representatives of Gippsland Association of Postgraduate Students (GAPS), International Students Association (ISA), Monash Postgraduate  Association (MPA) and Monash University Gippsland Student Union (MUGSU), comprising undergraduates, postgraduates, an off-campus learning student, and an international student.

Financial support for student services

Monash is continuing to support MUGSU, the Gippsland Student Union, under a funding agreement that provides MUGSU with SSAF payments made by Monash students at Gippsland and with oversight exercised by the Campus Service Council.

Access to student services

Your access to most Monash services will remain the same. This includes enrolments, exams, results, fees, scholarships, graduations and academic help. You can find information at the Monash current students site.


If you're studying on-campus at Gippsland, you'll receive your individual timetable by email, during Orientation Week.

Service centres

The Monash Connect service centre at Gippsland is now Student Connect. You can access the same services at the Student Connect counters.

Telephone enquiries: call Monash Connect on 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274).

Online enquiries: continue to be provided through, where you can view frequently asked questions or email a question to Monash staff.

Job search and career opportunities

Along with career information, events and job opportunities available on the Monash Career Gateway, you can also register on the Federation CareerHub. Use CareerHub to find employment opportunities and to make an appointment with a career counsellor. For more information, see student careers and employment.

Graduation ceremonies

All ceremonies held in Australia are on the Clayton campus, including ceremonies for students studying at Gippsland. For more information see graduating at Monash.

Access to buildings

You will receive a Federation student ID card to access buildings on the Gippsland campus. You can collect your card from the Student Connect counter.

You will also receive a Monash ID card, to access Monash resources.

Got a question? Monash Connect can help