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Hackamon 2019

Returning 4-6 April, Clayton campus

What the hack?

Deconstruct a problem. Hack a solution. Build a better Monash.

HackaMon is a Monash sprint-like event that allows you to design and showcase your ideas and creative solutions to the University.

Whether you're hacking a secure network, timetable swaps like SwapMe, or even hacking gender equality - the process is the same.

Join as an individual or form a team to help:

  • identify a problem
  • ideate a vision
  • innovate the process
  • create a solution.

Highlights from this year's HackaMon

2018 Winners

Community stream: Work Like a Girl

This year, the winners of the Community Stream proposed a multi-faceted strategy to tackle the pay gap for Monash graduates.

Through educational workshops, online resources and mentoring, ‘Work like a Girl’ aims to increase the negotiation skills of young women, securing fairer employment terms to set them up for a lifetime of success. This solution has gained significant accolades from the Office of the Vice Provost, who intend to take this initiative to the next stage.

General stream: Smart Attend

Winners of the general stream tackled a big issue too - sustainability.

‘Smart Attend’ is an app that uses facial verification and geolocation to accurately record student attendance. This simple and clever approach leverages the ubiquitous selfie to save thousands of trees per year by negating the humble class list. Attuned to Monash’s Smart University Strategy, this solution also has an infinite number of possible spin-offs.

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