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Sir John Monash Mentoring Program

Sir John Monash Mentoring Program



Sir John Monash Mentoring Program

The Sir John Monash Mentoring Program assists high-achieving students into developing their leadership skills by matching student mentees with an experienced mentor.

Mentors are sourced according to student’s academic, career, or personal goals and can be an experienced member of the Monash alumni community or a current Monash student.


The mentoring relationship runs for seven months and is a great opportunity for mentees to receive support in study and career planning, networking insight and develop leadership skills. Mentors have the opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to provide mentees with career and  study  tips, as well as topics such as making a successful transition from study to career.

The program features a number of skills-based workshops and events designed to complement the practical mentoring experience mentees receive.


On completion of the program, mentees will have grown their professional network and gained valuable insights into what it takes to thrive at university and in their career.

Similarly, mentors are given an invaluable opportunity to contribute to the growth and learning of highly capable and engaged students as well as providing objective and professional insight based on their individual experience.

All program participants receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the program.

Eligibility invitations


The Sir John Monash Mentoring Program is open to current students (second-year and beyond) studying at Australian campuses and receiving the Monash Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement.


In February, eligible students are invited to participate in the program, then to attend a matching interview with program staff. This will determine the participants’ individual mentoring requirements. Those who are matched with a mentor will start the program in April.


If you’re interested in being a mentor, contact:

Chloe Love
Alumni Research and Volunteer Adviser
Alumni Engagement

Dates and contacts

Important dates

Date Time Event
Monday 27 February N/A Invites sent to eligible students
March Various Matching interviews
Thursday 6 April 6 - 8.30pm Workshop 1
Thursday 3 August 6 - 8.30pm Workshop 2
Tuesday 10 October 7 - 9pm End of program event
Friday 10 November - End of program

Contact for enquiries


This program is proudly delivered by Career Connect.


Student testimonials

"I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity this program has provided. I've developed a very robust professional relationship with my mentor which I foresee will last for a long time. I've learned a lot from her, and the opportunity to get mentoring has seen direct impact in my own professional life - a talk I presented at an international conference ended up getting shortlisted for best presentation, and my mentor played a significant role in providing feedback and encouraging me to seek feedback from other faculty members. My mentor has also asked me to undertake casual research assistant work for her over the summer. This couldn't have happened without this program - so thank you!"

Roger, mentee, 2016 (Bachelor of Arts / Laws)

“The program has been very helpful, as I study Arts/Law and previously had no connections to the legal community. Through the mentoring program, I was able to meet and talk with a solicitor at a large Melbourne firm and hear about her experiences. She provided me with insight into how she paved her career path post-graduation, and gave me tips on how to best get a job in the legal sector (a prospect that is forever daunting and looming on undergraduates)! … She has been extremely generous with her time and knowledge and I definitely have learnt a lot from her!”

Moya, mentee, 2016 (Bachelor of Arts / Laws)

Mentor testimonials

"The Sir John Monash Mentoring program is a truly remarkable initiative that provides learning experiences for both the mentor and the mentee. For students, there is the opportunity to hear and draw from the experiences of an industry professional, bounce ideas off them, seek career guidance, and help develop and grow their interpersonal skills. The program also gives alumni the opportunity to hone their leadership and people management skills as well as gain great insight into emerging trends by learning about the challenges faced by a younger generation."

"My involvement in the program has been truly rewarding. Meeting a diverse group of graduates each year, hearing about their background and experiences, bringing out the strategic and creative thinker in them, and ending the program with a sense of personal accomplishment and enrichment, have certainly been the standout memories of the whole experience for me. You can’t help but feel humbled that you are able to assist in making a positive and lasting difference in a student’s life."

Harsh, mentor, 2016 , Banking and Finance

"I found my involvement in the Sir John Monash Mentoring Program to be very satisfying. At the outset I had some reservations about the degree to which I might be helpful. My engagement with my mentee reminded me what a long journey the clinical medical and research path is and how easy it is to forget the early parts of our training. It was extremely satisfying to feel that I have in some way made a return on the enormous investment that my teachers and mentors have made in me."

"I believe that the traditionally informal process of passing knowledge, skills and guidance to those in training, is very nicely facilitated by this program and I highly recommend the experience."

David, mentor, 2016, Healthcare