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Leap into Leadership Online

Leap into Leadership Online


Leap into Leadership Online is a suite of free modules to develop your employability and leadership skills at your own pace. It's available for all current Monash students, any time - so you can complete as many modules as you like, at any stage of your studies.

Each module is practical, straightforward and fun, and takes about one to two hours to complete. There are no formal assessments to hand in, and you'll earn a certificate for each module.

So, whether you want to hone your skills in communication, managing events or projects, teamwork or goal-setting, check out the modules on offer and get started today.


Click a module below to enrol. All modules are offered in Moodle, where you'll find all the instructions.

How it works

All current students at Monash University are eligible for Leap into Leadership Online.

  1. Choose a topic and get started straight away. Whether it's a topic you know nothing about and want to improve, or a skillset an employer has identified in a job ad, there's plenty of choices and they're all free.
  2. Work your way through the online module, at your own pace. Watch videos and complete quizzes in Moodle to progress to the next section. Make sure you read the Welcome and Module Instructions before you start.
  3. Complete the module to receive your certificate. At the end of the module (it will take about 1-2 hours to finish), your responses will be submitted to Monash. If you've completed the module to a satisfactory standard, you'll be emailed a personalised certificate confirming the things    you've learned.
  4. Apply your new skills to your studies, work, volunteering and extracurricular activities. Many modules offer downloadable resources to use in the real world. Use your certificate to help you explain what you've learned to employers. You can also log in to Student Futures to record and reflect on what you've learnt, and to help you articulate your skills to future employers.

Bonus for completing five modules

Complete five or more modules for access to exclusive leadership, careers and volunteering opportunities at Monash. This includes early-bird access to skill development workshops and VIP passes for the Student Leadership Summit.

Contact for enquiries

If you need more information, email us at

What students say

"Being able to work through the unit in a self-directed way meant there was enough time to process the information, and engage well with the content."
- Elizabeth, Bachelor of Arts/Visual Arts, first year

"Leap into Leadership Online's Personal Brand module provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop their understanding of their own personal brand…Through this module, I came to better understand my strengths and weaknesses, and how best to communicate these."
- Lachlan,    Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts, first year

Fast facts

  • More than 600 students have already completed a module, and over 200 have completed two or more.
  • Over 97% of students completing Leap into Leadership Online modules would recommend Leap into Leadership Online to others.
  • Leap into Leadership Online is used throughout the University, including by MSA Clubs and Societies, TeamMONASH and Monash Residential Services.

Hundreds of students have already completed the modules and given us great feedback - so Leap into Leadership now and choose a topic to get started.