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Go straight from your final year into a 12-month once-in-a-lifetime global mentorship.

Get inspiration and advice from an expert in your desired career field. The Advance Awards Mentor Program is focussed on nurturing and supporting the next generation of leaders by placing you with internationally-based innovators and ambassadors. Advance Award winners work with you to share their own professional and personal experiences to support your development.

Open to all final year undergraduate and postgraduate students, this one-on-one 12-month mentor program will:

  • inspire, motivate, and enlighten you to become part of the community of the next generation of Australian leaders
  • provide advice on your career path and give you an edge in your professional career
  • help you gain clarity and self-awareness with the aim of being a future innovative leader
  • give you the opportunity to share your international experience with an aspiring future leader.

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Applications close Friday 28 June.

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