Four tips for assessment success

With final assessments approaching, you might be looking for tactics to sharpen your skills and boost your grades. Here are four ways you can elevate your assessments with the help of our Student Academic Success team.

Get feedback on your assignment before you submit it

Enrol in our Perform at your Peak Moodle unit to access a treasure trove of resources, including this helpful academic English feedback service. Simply upload your draft assessment to the portal and a Learning Adviser will provide tailored feedback on your draft within 12 hours.

Get hands-on preparation for your final assessment

Join an online workshop and prepare to ace your final assessments. From eExam Q&As to revision and procrastination-busting strategies – there’s a workshop that everyone can benefit from. Make sure you register to save your spot!

Access tailored advice and support

If you’re looking for 1:1 support, our Learning Adviser consultations are for you. During a 30-minute Zoom chat, your adviser will ask you about any study challenges you’re facing and share feedback and strategies tailored to your situation.

Keep sharpening your skills with self-help resources

If you’d like to develop your language skills on your own terms, our Academic English Moodle unit is a great option. Enrol today to access videos, online modules and a catalogue of useful resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can pick and choose what content you’d like to learn and go at your own pace.

Looking for more?

With extensive resources and support, there’s always some way that the Student Academic Success team can help. Check out the academic success web page for more updates and opportunities from the team.