Monash Thrive: wellbeing resources for international students

In 2020, Monash conducted a number of student surveys to understand your study experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on your survey results, the Monash THRIVE team partnered with Allianz Care Australia to develop Monash Thrive, a tailor-made wellbeing website for international students.

We’ve collated wellbeing, health, and help-seeking information to help you throughout your journey with Monash and beyond, including:

What is mental health?
Learn more about mental health and wellbeing, and when and how to seek help. Get tips on how to respond if a loved one asks you for help - remember,  you don’t need professional training to help someone feel heard.

Loneliness and culture change
It’s common for international students to experience stress and loneliness when arriving in a new country. Although common, there are things you can do to manage loneliness and the stress of culture change, especially when travelling back home to see family is very difficult.

Healthy bodies and wellbeing
Get evidence-based recommendations to improve diet, fitness and sleep, and simple yet reliable behaviours to build resilience in stressful situations.

Hear from other students
Watch interviews from other international students, and read about the 2020 THRIVE@Home survey results.

If you are struggling or need to talk to someone about how you are feeling, help is available. Please contact Monash Counselling services at 1300 STUDENT (1300 788 336) - it’s free and available 24/7 to all Monash students.

If you want to speak to the Thrive team or get more involved, contact us at