Responding to the Australian bushfire crisis

Many rural and regional areas of Australia are currently experiencing bushfires. Our hearts are heavy for Australian communities and ecosystems devastated by the bushfires, and united in support of these communities.

Many in our Monash community have been affected by these ongoing bushfires – as residents, holidaymakers, evacuees, or having family members in these fire-stricken areas.

We also have a number of students and staff who are volunteering with the CFA and other emergency services at this time. The safety of the Monash community is our priority, and there are a number of ways we’re supporting our community.

Counselling for students

Monash provides free confidential counselling for students affected by the fires.

University operations

While our metropolitan campuses aren’t directly impacted by the fires, we’re closely monitoring the conditions to ensure we’re providing a safe environment for our students and staff, and recognise that the bushfires will affect rural regions for some time to come.

At this stage, all University activities will continue as usual, and our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vicki Ashton, continues to liaise with the EPA, VicHealth and the Australian Chief Medical Officer to advise appropriate precautions as required. If there are any impacts, this will be communicated through official University channels to all our stakeholders. If you experience breathing difficulties or other symptoms related to the smoky conditions, please seek medical advice.


If you wish to make a financial contribution to bushfire relief, there are many community organisations offering ways to do this. Additionally, the Victorian government has established the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Stay safe

Please follow the advice of authorities and stay away from bushfire-affected areas. If anyone has immediate concerns, please continue to check for information.