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Five interesting ways to experience art at Caulfield campus

Monash Caulfield is full of opportunities to engage with the arts. From public art galleries to outdoor sculptures to works in the Caulfield Library, Monash staff and students wander past art every day.


Obesity: a serious disease that deserves serious treatment

You are invited to attend the annual CCS public lecture. This year the lecture will be hosted by the Department of Surgery.

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Develop your skills for oral presentations

You might not realise that an essential element of good communication is to recognise the needs of the audience.

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Exam study - when are the libraries open?

It is only Week 10, the weather is beautiful, and you consider going out on the weekend. But no! You realise the exams are coming and you should make plans for regular study sessions at one of the libraries over the next few weeks.

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New precinct set to transform Monash's sporting facilities

A new precinct is set to transform the University’s sporting facilities when construction starts this month.


Net Zero initiative wins global United Nations 2018 Momentum for Change Award

Monash has won the Momentum for Change Award presented by the United Nations at the Climate Week conference in New York last week, for the Net Zero Initiative.


Protect yourself and your data against breaches and cybersecurity attacks

Data breaches and cybersecurity attacks seem increasingly commonplace … but are they really, and what can you do to stop them?

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Make your mark with United Overseas Bank!

Final year Arts, Bus/Eco, Engineering, IT, Law and Science students Make Your Mark with United Overseas Bank.