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Supporting students affected by the bushfire crisis

With many students impacted by this National event, the Bushfire Crisis Student Grants will provide support in their start or return to studies.


What are coronaviruses, and where do they come from?

Coronaviruses can infect humans and animals. Some viruses in this family cause mild disease (the common cold), but others cause severe disease.


Three online sites to help you get started using the Library

If you’re new to Monash, we’d like to welcome you and introduce the Library. To get off to a great start this semester, you have to #LibraryIt.

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aMigo! social network for new students launches 20 January

As a new student, we want you to feel part of the Monash community immediately, and not have to wait to arrive at university to make friends and interact, so we created aMigo!

International students

Responding to the Australian bushfire crisis

Many rural and regional areas of Australia are currently experiencing bushfires. Our hearts are heavy for Australian communities and ecosystems devastated by the bushfires, and united in support of these communities.

Beau Wilson Sam Burrell and Kyle Bennett

Monash graduates grow Indigenous medical workforce

Almost 400 Monash medical students graduated on 12 December, among the soon-to-be doctors are three Indigenous graduates.

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Monash Arts grad Nikolaos Gkolfinopoulos

What happens when postgraduate study meets global ambition?

Discover how Nikos Gkolfinopoulos aligned his studies with his passions through his postgraduate degree.

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Students at Banksia awards

Master Of Environment and Sustainability Wins Banksia Foundation Award

Congratulations to all those involved in the Master of Environment and Sustainability (MES) on winning the 2019 Banksia Foundation Award in the Research/Academia category.

Student success

Brain control - a free event

The brain control panel of experts explore the impact of science and technology on our mental health.

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