PASS session structure

Sessions are held on-campus and have 12 to 30 students. PASS leaders facilitate the session, encouraging group work to answer questions and solve problems by:

  • comparing and clarifying lecture notes
  • reviewing textbook readings
  • discussing key course concepts.

This active, collaborative approach aims to help you feel engaged with your course and develop the study skills you need to be successful in it.

The PASS leaders are not tutors or lecturers. Their role is to guide students to information and understanding, not simply provide answers or solutions to problems.

The PASS leaders facilitate the sessions but do not provide additional tutoring outside the program.

Regular attendance is essential to get the maximum benefit from the program. Hoping for a quick-fix by attending the last few sessions before exams won't work. Each session builds on the previous to help you:

  • make connections between content and concepts in the unit
  • complete study activities
  • build understanding, confidence and study skills.