Information Technology

The units listed are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) supported units.

The PASS program will be open for enrolment on Wednesday 1 August at 1pm of week two in semester two for most units. Any exceptions are listed below.

Students will also be notified by their lecturers.

Opening date exceptions

FIT9131 and FIT9132 enrolments will open after the lecture on Friday 3 August at 10am.

How to sign up

Waiting list - if sessions are full

The waiting list is now closed, but there are still places in PASS sessions.

Check Allocate+ to see if sessions are still running and the room they are in, and drop into the session. The PASS leader will add you to the attendance list and administrators will later add you to Allocate+. Most classes do not have full attendance.

For any other requests, please email

What students are saying about PASS

"With the Leaders' help, I am able to know where I am going wrong and not struggle at home by myself."
"PASS = passing the unit."