Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

The units listed are Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) supported units.

The PASS program will be open for semester two enrolment on Monday 22 July at 11am.

Students will also be notified by their lecturers.

How to sign up

If the session is full:

If you're unable to secure a spot in your preferred session, please just turn up on the day and we'll try to accommodate you.

The PASS leader will add you to the attendance list, and the administrators will later add you to Allocate+. Most classes do not have full attendance.

For any other requests, please email

What students are saying about PASS

"PASS provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of course content in a less confronting environment."
"It's a way to keep abreast of the content and always have a good source of exam-type material."
"It is an excellent resource, an absolute must. Combined with information from tutorials, the two boosted my understanding and confidence. I also found out what I needed to work at."