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Study skills programs (formerly SMART)


While the transition to University life can be exciting and hugely rewarding, this period of change can also come with some challenges. We have number of programs that can help you academically.

Face to face seminars

Staying motivated

Staying motivated aims to build an understanding about motivation, procrastination and perfectionism and the factors that drive them. Managing our thinking is often the biggest challenge to academic success.
This session is focused on challenging our assumptions and building a 'growth mindset' to facilitate performance.


This workshop looks at the challenges you face approaching exam time and aims to provide you with practical skills. Learn how to deal with pre-exam nerves to stay calm and focused during exams.

Session times and bookings

See the health and wellbeing booking system for upcoming program dates and to register for a session.

Resources related to these programs (Moodle).

Online learning

Stress management 

Stress has become a common feature of modern life but we often spend little time working to understand what that means for us as individuals - and what we can change to ensure a healthy academic life. Some stress is inevitable and is sometimes good for us. This session focuses on ‘healthy stress’ and how to ensure general wellbeing during peak periods.

Leap into Leadership Online

A suite of free modules to develop skills at your own pace, with a certificate on completion. All modules are available to current Monash students, any time, so you can complete as many modules as you like, at any stage of your studies.

Modules include:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Connecting Across Cultures
  • High-Performing Teams
  • Communicate with Impact
  • Event and Project Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Goal Achievement
  • Time Management and Prioritisation
  • Personal Brand
  • Committees 101

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