I've been reported for misconduct

If someone has reported you for misconduct, you should prepare yourself for the next steps and understand your rights, the process and how to seek advice.

When Student Conduct and Special Circumstances receives a complaint of misconduct, it looks at the circumstances and the severity of the alleged conduct to determine whether the case should be referred for investigation.

Investigation and interview

If an investigation is undertaken:

  • We’ll contact you to let you know, and request that you attend a meeting or panel hearing.
  • Before the interview or hearing, we’ll provide you with materials that set out the allegations.
  • You’ll be invited to provide a written response. You need to provide this to us as soon as possible before the interview. If you’re required to attend a hearing, you must provide a written response at least four days before the hearing date.
  • You’ll be given the opportunity to attend an interview or hearing. It’s not compulsory to attend but it provides you with an important opportunity to tell your side of the story. You can take a support person with you, including a representative from your student association.

Depending on the result of the investigation, a panel hearing may be set.

The panel hearing

If the allegations are of a serious nature, the matter will be dealt with by a misconduct panel hearing.

Outcomes and penalties

You’ll usually be told of the outcome of the hearing on the day. There are a range of penalties that can be applied if the allegations are found to be true. For details, see outcomes and penalties.

Support services

You can seek help through the many free support services provided at Monash, including advocacy, counselling, housing and financial support.