Assault and threats


Assault is an intentional attempt, using violence or physical force, to injure, harm, abuse or traumatise another person.

Actions that may be assault include:

  • applying force (e.g. by kicking or hitting), or threatening to apply force
  • trying to strangle or choke someone
  • physically restraining someone
  • using weapons, such as knives or guns.


A threat is intentional behaviour designed to make a person fear that they will be harmed or injured. Being threatened with bodily injury or any other form of harm can be confronting, scary and, in some cases, confusing.

Making threats of any kind, particularly of physical harm, is illegal, and aggressors can face criminal consequences.

Threats include:

  • yelling at a person
  • pounding, smashing objects or slamming doors to evoke fear of harm
  • blocking or cornering a person with the intention of isolating them and evoking fear of harm
  • sending threatening voicemails or emails, or other written threats.

No matter how serious you think the threat is, you can always seek professional and confidential advice.

What to do

If you believe a threat is real or serious, or that the person making the threat has the ability to carry it out, call:

  • Monash Security on 03 9905 3333 (for immediate help on campus)
  • 000 (for immediate help on or off campus).

If you see, experience or hear about this kind of behaviour, we encourage you to make a report online to the Safer Community Unit.

Getting support

If you’re unsure about the credibility of the threat, but are concerned about it, get in touch with the Safer Community Unit. If necessary, they can help you get an intervention order.

For more information, see getting help and support.

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