Family and interpersonal violence


Family violence includes physical, sexual, financial, verbal or emotional abuse by a family/household member as defined in the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic), or by someone on behalf of a family/household member.

Interpersonal violence includes family and intimate partner violence, child abuse and neglect by parents/caregivers, abuse of the elderly, youth violence (10 - 29 years) and violence between individuals who are unrelated or may or may not know each other.

Assistance at Monash University

Family violence contact officers

  • Simon Kupec
    Safer Community Unit
  • Jane Field
    Safer Community Unit
  • Mr Greg Crundall
    Manager, Workplace Relations Strategy 
    Phone: 990 29593
  • Jaci Rogash
    Safer Community Unit

Phone: 990 51599

A family violence contact officer, nominated by the University, has expertise in family violence and privacy issues.

They will:

  • be available to liaise between a staff member who requests support and their supervisor or the Executive Director Monash HR
  • provide advice to a supervisor on how to best support the staff member
  • advise on the support available, including leave and flexible working arrangements (subject to approval), and provide referral to other University support services
  • assist the victim to make informed choices about their safety.

Safer Community Unit

The Safer Community Unit promotes early identification of victims of interpersonal violence and encourages early help-seeking behaviour by victims and perpetrators, ensuring offers of appropriate support and care are given to help protect against further victimisation.

Safer Community Unit staff will provide referral to healthcare professionals, and information on other support services and interventions available, in order to assist the victim to make an informed choice about actions to ensure their safety.

The Safer Community Unit has implemented the Respectful Community Initiatives as a primary strategy for prevention of sexual and interpersonal violence.

Counselling service

Counselling service will provide counselling support to vulnerable individuals.

Medical and health service

Medical and health service will provide medical consultations and specialist referrals. Individual doctors specialise in women's or men's health.

Security service

Immediate attendance to a location on campus to provide assistance, advice, support and referral.

Community legal services

Free legal advice to the community.

Additional help and information