Hazing is pressuring someone to do something to join a group, club or team. It’s still considered hazing whether or not the hazed person takes part.

Hazing is generally a form of bullying or violence, and includes initiation ceremonies that cause, or are likely to cause, harm.

Hazing can involve being made to:

  • participate in drinking games or consume large amounts of alcohol
  • sit on the floor while others sit on chairs
  • wear clothes intended to be embarrassing.

What to do

If the situation becomes threatening or potentially dangerous, call:

  • Monash Security on 03 9905 3333 (for immediate help on campus)
  • 000 (for immediate help on or off campus).

If you experience, see or hear about any hazing, we encourage you to make a report online to the Safer Community Unit.

Getting support

If you’d like support, get in touch with the Safer Community Unit. You might also wish to access our counselling services.

For more information, see getting help and support.

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