Self-harm and suicidal behaviour

Sometimes you may face challenges that are difficult to deal with alone, but we’re always here to help and support you.


Self-harm (or non-suicidal self-injury) is when someone does physical damage to themselves on purpose. The self-injury isn’t intended to be life-threatening, and can include cutting, burning, stabbing, etc.

Suicidal behaviour

Suicidal behaviour includes thoughts, plans and attempts to end one’s own life.

What to do

If you think someone is in danger of losing their life, you should call 000 for immediate help (on or off campus). If they're on campus, you should also contact Security Services on 03 9905 3333.

You could also contact the Safer Community Unit – they can offer help and advice, or tell you where you can find the kind of support you need.

Getting support

If you, or someone you know, is self-harming or exhibiting suicidal behaviour, you can reach out to the Safer Community Unit for help, get support or access our counselling services.

There are also a number of services available outside Monash that can support you. Take a look at the list of mental health organisations that help people who are self-harming or suicidal.

If you’re close with someone who is self-harming or appears suicidal, this can also affect your mental health, so it’s a good idea to access these support services.

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