Repeated attempts to impose unwanted communications and/or or contacts on another in a manner that could be expected to cause distress and/or fear in any reasonable person.
(MacKenzie, R.D, McEwan, T.E, Pathe', M.T., Ogloff, J.R.P, Mullen, P.E (2009))

Assistance at Monash University

Safer Community Unit

Staff from the Safer Community Unit can give sound advice and support, including early identification of the behaviour, risk assessment and management strategies to:

  • avoid victimisation and bring an end to the behaviour
  • preserve evidence
  • protect personal information and personal safety.

Advice can be given on intervention order applications when required.

Where necessary, the Safer Community Unit can take action to reduce risk, including investigation and escalation to formal University processes. We can provide referrals to support services, including counselling, Victoria Police, Legal Aid and the Registrar of the Magistrates Court.

University counselling service

The Counselling Service provides counselling and assistance.

Telephone counselling

Available to students and staff after-hours for those who can't access face-to-face counselling.

Community legal services

Free legal advice for the community.

Security service

Immediate attendance to incidents on campus.

Additional help and information