Unacceptable behaviour in the workplace


Behaviour that has created or has the potential to create a risk to a staff member's health and safety. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include, but are not limited to:

  • bullying
  • emotional, psychological or physical violence or abuse
  • occupational violence
  • coercion, harassment and/or discrimination
  • aggressive/abusive behaviour
  • unreasonable demands and undue persistence
  • disruptive behaviour.

Assistance at Monash University

Safer Community Unit

The Safer Community Unit will assist with initial identification of the issue and provide an introduction to the 'Guide to Managing Conflict: Positive steps for managing and promoting a healthy workplace culture' and the University's Resolution of Unacceptable Behaviour in the Workplace: Conduct and Compliance Policy and Procedure.

The Safer Community Unit will, in consultation with the staff member, facilitate referral to Workplace Relations and healthcare professionals.

Workplace Relations

Assistance in working through workplace conflict.

Counselling service

Counselling service will provide counselling to support persons experiencing the impact of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Telephone counselling

Available to staff 24/7.

Security service

Immediate attendance to a location on campus to provide assistance, advice, support and referral.

Medical and health service

Medical and health service will provide medical consultations and specialist referrals. Individual doctors specialise in women's or men's health.

Additional help and information