A threat is an utterance whose content implies an intention to do harm. Utterances include spoken and written communications as well as actions intended to convey a message.
(Lisa J Warren, Paul E Mullen, Troy E McEwan)

Assistance at Monash University

Safer Community Unit

Safer Community Unit staff will take immediate and urgent action to eliminate or mitigate the risk posed by uttered serious and imminent threats.

Safer Community Unit staff will conduct an investigation to verify the behaviour and assess the risk of the threat being enacted or repeated, or the risk of other forms of harm to self or others occurring.

In consultation with stakeholders, the Safer Community Unit will implement and coordinate management strategies that provide assistance and support to those in need, as well as reduce risk to staff, students and the organisation.

Management strategies may include direct intervention with the perpetrator, referral to the Victoria Police or the Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team, or escalation to formal University disciplinary processes.

Where the level of risk is assessed as being low, Safer Community Unit staff will assist with strategies, advice and training aimed at effectively eliminating or containing the behaviour.

Security services

Immediate response to an incident on campus.

Counselling service

Counselling Service will provide counselling and assistance to persons impacted by the behaviour.

Telephone counselling

Available to students and staff after-hours for those who can't access face-to-face counselling.

Additional help and information