Stalking, threats and sexual harassment

What we can do

Contact the Safer Community Unit if you're concerned about any of these behaviours. We can offer advice and support to help you:

  • bring an end to these behaviours
  • collect and keep evidence (in case of future action that may be needed)
  • keep you safe and protect personal information
  • see a counsellor if you need to
  • get an intervention order if necessary
  • refer the matter to police when necessary
  • seek legal aid.

What are these behaviours?

Stalking - repeated attempts to impose unwanted contact or communication, in a way that would make any reasonable person fearful or distressed.

Threats - any declared intention to cause pain, injury, damage or punishment to someone for something they may or may not have done.

Sexual harassment - any unwelcome sexual advance or request, or any other unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature. It may include:

  • offensive sexual comments
  • sexual or smutty jokes
  • commenting, questioning or teasing about a person's alleged sexual activities or private life
  • persistent unwelcome invitations, telephone calls or emails
  • offensive hand or body gestures
  • physical contact such as patting, pinching, touching or putting an arm around another person
  • displaying sexually-suggestive material
  • unwanted ongoing declarations of affection or approaches for affection including gifts and being followed
  • using University computers to keep or distribute sexually explicit material.