Sonder safety app

Sonder is a smartphone app providing a multilingual safety and support service. The provider, Sonder Australia, is a nationwide network of professionals who provide safety and security services, day or night.

The app is currently available to all international students enrolled at Monash University as well as all residents of MRS living on campus. We'll consider expanding the availability of this service as we assess its feasibility across the Monash population.

Get the app

How to register

  1. Download the Sonder app from your app store
  2. Tap the login button
  3. Tap reset password and enter your Monash email address
  4. You will receive a password reset email
  5. Open the email on your phone and select the link to complete the process


24/7 access to help

Immediate in-person or remote assistance Australia-wide. Swipe to send an alert notification to the Sonder Australia Support Centre.

Check on me

This feature provides peace of mind and assurance if you're going to an unfamiliar place or meeting someone new. Sonder will contact you regularly to make sure you're OK.

Track my journey

Sonder can track you on your journey and provide immediate support if needed. When you're travelling alone Sonder can monitor your location and route for reassurance.

Geo-safety alerts

Sonder monitors all large-scale public or environmental incidents. This function enables Sonder to alert members in the vicinity and request a confirmation that you’re safe.

Need assistance?

If you’d like to know more about Sonder Australia, contact the 24/7 Sonder Customer Support Line on 1800 877 233 or email