Course planning advice for Arts students

Undergraduate courses

It's important that students are familiar with the requirements for their course. When choosing level one units, you should aim to keep options open for the choice of level two and three units later in your course. You should check the units available in later years and any prerequisites, but also be aware that not all units are offered every year. Most majors have prerequisite units for progression to the next level.

Masters coursework courses

Our Masters coursework courses consist of core and elective units, including a capstone unit. It's important to check requirements for your course entry point - either 96 points over two years full-time, 72 points over one and half years full-time, or 48 points over one year full-time (or part-time equivalent). All students must complete a minimum of 48 credit points at level 5, and so should take care when choosing between units offered at level 4 and 5 (where this option is offered). Be aware that not all units are offered every year.

To make sure you've completed all the requirements to be eligible to graduate, you need to check:

All courses

Course progression check

If you're not sure that you've structured your course properly, we can check for you and let you know. You'll just need to fill out our course progression check request form online.

If you need to speak to someone after getting a response to your course progression check, you can call Arts Student Services on (03) 9905 2140 to speak to a course adviser. They're available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Course advice

Arts Student Services have a number of course advisers to assist with course planning. They can also help you if you have difficulties with your studies due to academic or personal reasons.

If you're currently enrolled in any Arts Faculty course, including single subjects, and need advice with your course progression for the ARTS component, you can come to Arts Student Services at Caulfield or Clayton campus and see one of our course advisers. No booking required.

For double degree students - if your enquiry relates to the non-arts component of your double degree, please contact the teaching Faculty for course advice, e.g. Business and Economics, Law, Science.

How should I prepare for my course advice session?

Before coming for course advice, you should check:

  • your course progression against relevant course/specialisation requirements
  • the number of credit points completed, enrolled, and required
  • your progress in compulsory and/or core units
  • the start date of your enrolment in the course to ensure you're on track for completion within the allowable time.

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