Course information for new Arts students

This is extra information for Arts students. You should also check the main first-time enrolment information.

Course information sessions

Course information sessions are for all new undergraduate students, domestic and international. They help you understand how to structure and enrol in your course.

Postgraduate students can visit the Arts Student Services counter at their campus for assistance.

Structuring your course

  • Read your course outline - sets out what you must study to be eligible to graduate from your course.
  • Check study areas - information about the areas you can study.
  • Choose majors and minors - the areas you will specialise in.
  • Download your course map - a visual outline of the units you need to study each semester and year (undergraduates only). Postgraduates should consult their course outline.
  • Choose your units - usually worth six points (some later year units are worth 12), units run for a single semester and are offered at first, second or third-year level.

    Units have a code (three letters and four numbers) which you need to know when you enrol:
    • Undergraduate Arts units have the letters ATS
    • Postgraduate Arts units have the letters APG
    • The first number indicates the year-level of the unit
    • Example: ATS1304 is a first-year undergraduate unit
    • Example: APG5332 is a fifth-year postgraduate unit.

Other things to consider

Units that you need permission to enrol in

Some units have limited places or the unit coordinator wants to authorise enrolments. See units you need permission to enrol in.

Studying a language

You can start a new language or continue study at a level appropriate to your skills. Starting points are shown for each language in the areas of study.

Studying units at another university

You can apply take a unit at another university to count towards your Monash degree. See complementary study.

Transferring courses after first year

Some students plan to transfer after first year. You'll need at least 12 credit points before you can apply, and you may need to have achieved a certain average grade. See course transfers.

Getting credit for previous study

You may be eligible for credit for previous study or learning. See credit for prior learning.


Admissions, enrolment and pathways policy and procedures

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