Arts units: Non-standard teaching and discontinuation dates

Follow the links below for Faculty of Arts owned units, that are offered outside of normal semesters, with their important dates.

You're encouraged to enrol in these units as soon as they are available, as this will help prevent cancellation due to low enrolment numbers.

Semester Includes teaching period
Winter semester units 2019 Winter (WS-01)
Term 3 (T3-57)
Summer semester units 2019–20 Summer 2019-20 (SSA-02)
Summer 2020 (SSB-01)
Term 1 2020 (T1-57)
Semester in Prato 2019 Trimester 3 (T3-58)
Term 4 (T4-57)
Summer 2019 (SSA-02)

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