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Whether you need help with general study, assessment or academic writing, or English language, book in with a learning adviser. They can give you immediate support or refer you to the right person for specialist advice when you need it. We know you work under deadlines and we’ll do our best to respond quickly.

Consultations last 30 minutes and take place between 10am – 6pm from Monday to Friday. Learning advisers will meet and support you online using Zoom.

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Learning advisers can help you get on track with your learning and stay on track to boost your grades. As members of the Student Academic Success team, learning advisers offer individual support to help you meet academic expectations and to enable your academic success.

With specialist skills, our advisers will support you in learning more about:

  • improving your academic writing (sentence structure, grammar and tense or share a sample of your writing to get feedback)
  • managing your study time and preparing for assessments and presentations
  • demonstrating the knowledge you’ve gained in your assessments
  • how to ask the right questions to demonstrate your critical thinking skills
  • where to access interactive online modules to develop your skills at your own pace
  • and much more.

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