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Student life and support services


Faculty and research grievances

Faculty Contact
Art, Design and Architecture
Business and Economics
Information Technology
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Monash Graduate Education (formerly MIGR)
For grievances related to the research component of a research degree

Administration grievances

Department Contact
Admissions See Faculty grievances contacts above
Enrolments Monash Connect on 1800 666 274 or 9902 6011
Exams Chief Examiner of your unit
Fees Monash Connect on 1800 666 274 or 9902 6011
Graduations Write to: Manager, Graduations
Scholarships Write to: Manager, Coursework Scholarships
Timetables Faculty timetabling coordinator

Other service area grievances

Department Contact
Facilities and services Email:
University Health ServiceHealth service complaints and grievances
Library Email:
Monash College Email:
Monash Residential Services Email:

Support for students

If you need support in lodging a grievance, you can contact a student rights officer.

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