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If you fail a unit, you might get an early warning letter. It's really important that you don't ignore this and immediately seek advice from your faculty.

You need to take action to avoid failing another unit. If you continue to fail, you can:

  • be excluded from your course
  • lose your student visa if you're an international student.

There's a range of things you can do to improve your study skills or lighten your load – and plenty of services that provide support.

Avoid failing another unit

What was the problem? Action you can take
Studying or doing assignments Study skills and Research & learning skills both list resources that might help you improve your work.

You might also consider:
  • dropping a unit and studying part-time. If you're an international student, you must get permission from your faculty first, or you risk losing your student visa.
  • taking some time off study (intermission) while you deal with any problems that interfere with study.
The unit was difficult Talk to your tutor or lecturer about the problems you had. In future, start talking to teaching staff as soon as you start having problems.

Reconsider your choice of units. Talk to your faculty's course adviser.

The PASS program is designed to help students with the more difficult units.

Financial or accommodation worries Monash Connect has student advisers who can help you.
Motivation or managing time Enrol in a study skills program to learn how to deal with stress, manage your time and prepare for exams. Consider dropping a unit and studying part-time. If you're an international student, you cannot do this without permission, or you may lose your visa.
Disability-related concerns (materials, support, extra time) For support and advice, register with Disability Support Services.
Treated unfairly

Talk to your faculty administration.

Go to Monash Connect and ask to see a student adviser.

Get advice from a student rights officer at your student association.

Worry, anxiety, feeling down, problems at home Make a counselling appointment. They're free for all Monash students.

Reduce stress by taking part in a mindfulness program.

Got a question? Monash Connect can help