Frequently asked questions

For Monash students

  1. Where can I go? You could study at another Monash campus, with one of our exchange partners, take a trip organised through your faculty or do an internship.
  2. How do I apply? Check out how to apply and download an application that includes a step-by-step guide.
  3. How much will it cost? Find out about scholarships, loans and insurance under financial information.
  4. Am I eligible to study overseas? You should check the eligibility requirements of the program you're interested in.
  5. Do I need to speak a foreign language? No, but overseas study is a great way to learn one. Almost all our exchange partner universities either teach in English or offer a large number of subjects taught in English. The Monash campus in Malaysia uses English for all teaching and administration. All the short term programs are taught in English (except for some in-country language programs). That said, you'll get a lot more out of living in a foreign country if you learn at least the basics of the local language.
  6. Can I do more than one Monash Abroad program? Yes, as long as they can be fitted into your course and your faculty approves each one.
  7. Will my degree take longer if I go on exchange? No, provided you complete and pass all units at your overseas university.
  8. Will I get credit for units I study overseas? This depends on which program you choose – some are non-credit. Check the program details for more information.
  9. Will my overseas marks appear on my Monash transcript? If you go on exchange to a partner university you will receive an official transcript from your host university showing all the units you did and your marks. Your Monash transcript will show only generic exchange units without marks. If you do an intercampus exchange or a short-term program, all the units and marks will appear on your Monash transcript in the usual way.
  10. Do I have to enrol at Monash while I am overseas? Yes, to ensure you receive credit for your overseas study.
  11. Can I make an appointment with a Monash Abroad coordinator? Before you can make an appointment you must first attend an open advising session.
  12. I'm back from exchange, now what? Check out our information for returned students.

If you have specific questions or can't find what you're looking for, you should come to an information session.

For non-Monash students

  1. Why should I choose Monash?
  2. Which campus should I choose? Find out about life at Monash on each of our campuses.
  3. What can I study? Find out about the study options at Monash.
  4. Where can I live? There are lots of options for living on- and off-campus
  5. How much will it cost? Find out about fees, scholarships, visas and insurance under financial information.
  6. Do I need to speak English? Yes, the language of instruction at every Monash campus is English. Find out more about the English language requirements.
  7. Will I get credit for units that I study with Monash? Yes, you will receive an official transcript from Monash showing all the units you did and your marks.

If you need help applying or more information you should speak to your home university's exchange advisor, or contact us.