Anders Budde – Denmark

Monash University, Australia

What Anders Budde says

“Three years ago I was in Australia on a working holiday visa, working and living in Sydney for 7 months. After that I travelled the East coast but never made it to Melbourne. I heard so many good things about Melbourne and I loved Australia so I promised myself that if I had the opportunity I would come back – this time to Melbourne. I had heard that Melbourne would be way better than Sydney in regards to fashion, arts and culture and it is”.

Thoughts on Monash University

“I choose Monash as it was one of four possible universities in Melbourne that Copenhagen Business School has an exchange agreement with and it is part of the Group of Eight which I saw as a proof of quality. I also talked to students who had been here and they highly recommended it to me”.
“I have been lucky to get the classes that I wanted and they are pretty good. Of course you have classes that interest you more than others but overall they are challenging and the topics they cover are, for most of them, exciting”.
“It is interesting to experience how uni-life is here in Australia compared to Denmark as it is very different. Back home everything is more free. We don’t hand in stuff all the time and we don’t have to attend classes. It’s all about the final exam. But I like my classes and the teachers are great even though it sometimes feel a bit like the happy high school days handing in homework”. 

Life in Melbourne

“I like everything about living here! I live in St Kilda and when I stayed in Sydney I lived at Bondi. I’m a huge fan of the beach life culture. It’s also fantastic the way people go out all the time. The city is so vibrant even on Sundays and there are always people in the café’s and the bars. A great part of Australia is the people, they are really good at welcoming people and it seems like they are really interested in hearing about where you’re from and if you like it here. And of course the beautiful country. It’s an amazing place to travel through and you have everything here”.

Useful tips

“I would advise any student thinking about coming to Australia to just do it! I travelled on my own last time I was here and coming as an exchange student is so much easier. You meet people from day one and it’s just a really good experience. Don’t expect it to be a holiday though – you actually have to study”.

“I’d recommend coming to Monash anytime. The campus facilities are really great, everything is well structured and the academic level is good. And the best part – Monash is located in incredibly cool Melbourne”.