Celso Santos

Monash University, Australia

What Celso says

"Thanks to the program ‘Brazil Scientific Mobility Program’ today I have the opportunity to be studying on the other side of the world from Brazil and in one of Australia’s finest universities”.

“This trip has allowed me to come in contact with other cultures from around the world. I have friends from England, Germany, Belgium, Chile and Spain! It is interesting to see how the integration of mixed habits and customs takes place”.

Thoughts on Monash University

“I'm really enjoying my studies at Monash University, one of Australia's largest universities”.

Life in Melbourne

“Melbourne is an amazing city. Visually very different from any Brazilian city I have visited”.

“I chose this country because I have always been very curious about the Australian culture, its aboriginal people – whose ancestors were probably the earliest humans are on the face of the earth – and even the national passion for sports. Upon arrival, I encountered exactly what I expected to find!”

“All the ‘Aussies’ are extremely friendly and polite, you only have to ask which "footy" team (Australian football, the most bizarre and entertaining game of all times!), they support and you will have a good chat with anyone of them for sure!”

Useful tips

“I can’t emphasize enough that without the help of Latino Australia Education, none of this would have been possible. What this group does for all Brazilians who are here has not been explicitly accounted for: from seeking cheaper airfares, take us to the airport, visa application, health insurance, etc. Plus they do all of this always with a smile and their willingness to help. They have anxiously joined us in waiting for the results, and celebrated together when we found out we had been accepted!”

“I recommend it to anyone who wants an international academic journey!”