Jaclyn Tracy – De Paul University , USA

Monash University, Australia

What Jaclyn Tracy says

“Living in Melbourne at Monash University is a stage in my life I will hold close to my heart always, and I think other study abroad students would feel the same way”.

Thoughts on Monash University

“The coursework is quite different. The grading is strict, and a 75% here is considered high. Most classes in the Arts school consist of one to two large essays, a presentation, a quiz and final exam. So, not nearly as much busy work. You are also split up into lectures and tutorials, whereas at my home university usually you take two days a week of seminars with the same professors. Oh, and you do not call your teachers professors, they see that as overly formal, you call them by their first name”.

“Australian idol is definitely the best class. I would highly recommend it to all study abroad students. It includes learning about everything from modern day Australia to indigenous culture and it includes many field trips to various historical and cultural hubs, not only in Melbourne, but also in Sydney, Broken Hill (outback) and so on”.

Life in Melbourne

“I like everything about here. The people, the food, the culture, the land.  I have been to Sydney and I am headed to Broken Hill this weekend and have many more trips planned, as the weather gets warmer and warmer. In Melbourne, I have been trying to see all the touristy sites as well as spots only natives know about. In the city, I have been to the botanic gardens, the World War I commemoration, the MCG stadium, St. Kilda beach to see penguins, and just explored various smaller neighborhoods”.

Useful tips

“Travel, explore and fully experience life here by challenging yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and just embrace every opportunity and you will have the time of your life”.