Liza Costello

Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile

What Liza Costello says

“As much as it would give me pride to go against the rest and uncover Exchange to be an ‘over hyped experience’, I can’t. They all knew what they were talking about. I can’t deny any of the praise for exchange. It is worth every gushy exclamation that comes its way … and more”

Thoughts on Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

“A credited unit does not necessarily involve note scrawling and essay writing. Like most universities in Chile, sporting classes are credited and rostered like academic units, so I wasted no time in signing up for swimming, rock climbing and soccer to accompany the three academic units.”

Life in Santiago de Chile

“On the first day of Uni I heard more friendly conversation amongst strangers than I have heard in 10 years on public transport.”
“‘They are so picky!’ I would complain. ‘An O here, an E there... Whatever! It’s pretty much the same, right?’ I quickly learnt that was not the case. The difference between poco and pico meant that I told the shopkeeper that I spoke dick, rather than a little Spanish and told the hairdresser I wanted my horse (caballo) cut rather than my hair (cabello).”
“…we were an eclectic bunch going out on the streets of Santiago, but to the locals we were all gringos. And being a Gringo meant an overload of compliments, free club entry and prey to some of the worst pick-up lines I have ever heard.”
“Weekends were windows to ski the Andes, to hike in Cajón de Maipo and surf at the beaches of Pichilemu. Needless to say my Spanish improved to understand my lectures, read novels and write essays.”

Useful tips

“So how is this all possible? I hear you ask. Walter Mangold is your answer. A charitable fund that offers grants between ($5000-$20,000) to Australian tertiary students who study Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese or Spanish overseas for a period between 3 months and one year. That’s it! No catches, so jump to it! The opportunity to stash away your English for a semester of two, move beyond the dollar deals at Coles and experience a whole new world...”