Ruth Clifford

University of Warwick, England

What Ruth Clifford says

“Going on exchange has been the best decision I’ve made at university – I’m having an amazing time and I wouldn't change it for the world!”

Thoughts on the University of Warwick

“Warwick is a great university - I've only been here a few weeks and already it feels like home! It's very welcoming and the staff and students are really friendly and helpful. As an international student, I feel I have a lot of support. The campus is also beautiful, and it's great having everything I need so close by”.

Life in Coventry

“Warwick is a campus university, but it's really easy to get to Coventry and also to Birmingham so I don't feel as though we're isolated by being on campus. It's also easy to get to Leamington Spa, the town where most students live, and other interesting places in the area. The countryside around Warwick is stunning and I think it's the perfect blend of rural and city lifestyle!”

Useful tips

“Join something! Whether it's a sports club or a society, the best way to meet people is to join something. Warwick has a great Student Union and a strong sports program, and all the clubs and societies have plenty of socials to go to. As well, take advantage of what the International Program offers - trips, socials, language classes and other events where you can meet lots of international students from around the world”.