Information sessions

You should be able to answer most of your questions by searching our website – we've made sure it's full of all the info you'd want or need about exchange and study abroad.

But if you have a question you need answered an information session can help. At the sessions we'll cover:

  • where you can study overseas
  • whether you are eligible
  • how you can finance your trip

Info sessions are held each semester on all Australian campuses so don't miss the opportunity to learn more about adding to your Monash experiences by studying overseas. Following each session there will be a 30-minute open advising session on all Australian campuses (except Clayton) at which you can ask all your additional questions.

Be sure to book in to attend a session.

If you're a Monash Malaysia student you should speak to your local Monash Abroad advisor to help answer your questions.

Semester 2, 2017

Clayton campus

Date Time What we'll be covering Location

Monday 31 July      

1 - 2 pm

General info session

S2,16 Rainforest Walk 

Tuesday 8 August     

1 - 2 pm

USA Information Session

S2, 16 Rainforest Walk

    Wednesday 9 August

1 - 2 pm

Malaysia Information session

15 Ancora Imparo way

Thursday 10 August

11am - 12 pm

Canada  info session

S11, 16 Rainforest Walk

Tuesday 15 August

12pm - 1 pm

Funding Your Time Abroad

E365, 20 Chancellors Walk

Wednesday 16 August     

1 - 2 pm

University of Warwick information session

L1, 15 Ancora Imparo Way

Monday 21 August     

1 - 2 pm

Faculty of IT info session

H10, 20 Chancellors Walk

Tuesday 22 August11am - 12pmMonash Business School Abroad Information Session with Professor Robert BrooksL1, 15 Ancora Imparo Way

Tuesday 22 August      

1- 2 pm

Engineers on Exchange information session

E457, 20 Chancellors Walk

Wednesday 23 August3pm - 4pmJapan information sessionS12, 16 Rainforest Walk
Monday 28 August1pm - 2pmMalaysia information sessionE457, 20 Chancellors Walk
Wednesday 30 August1pm - 2pmUSA information sessionL1, 15 Ancora Imparo Way
Thursday 31 August12pm - 1pmFunding Your Time AbroadE365, 20 Chancellors Walk
Wednesday 6 September1pm - 2pmGeneral Information sessionH6, 20 Chancellors Walk
Monday 4 September1pm - 2pmUniversity of Warwick Information session245, 29 Ancora Imparo Way

Caulfield campus

Date Time What we'll be covering Location

Thursday 3 August

1 - 2pm

General info session

Building B

Monday 7 August      

11am - 12pm

Open Advising session

B450, Building B

Wednesday 9 August

1 – 2pm

Warwick info session

Building H

Wednesday 30 August     

12 - 1pm

Malaysia info session

B218, Building B

Wednesday 23 August12pm - 1pmUSA info sessionF201, Building F
Wednesday 30 August12pm 1pmMalaysia info sessionH2.37, Building H

Peninsula campus

Date Time What we'll be covering Location

Wednesday 2 August

12 – 1:30pm

General Information Session