Information for partners and agents

Studying abroad with Monash is available to any university student – regardless of whether your home institution has an exchange agreement in place with us.

As a partner institution your students can take advantage of streamlined application processes and seamless integration into the Monash way of life. Many units are pre-approved, and fees agreements are made easy.

If your university is not a Monash Abroad partner your students will pay Monash University tuition fees for one or two semesters of study – depending on the program they choose. Contact us to find out about becoming a Monash partner.

Tailored student packages

We're keen to work with you to create the perfect tailored package for each of your students. We can help you create and coordinate their program, at any of our campuses in Australia or Malaysia to ensure they get as much out of their time with us as possible.

Application procedures

Application procedures, grading procedures and semester dates are the same for all Monash University campuses – including Monash Malaysia.

Many students choose to study at the Clayton campus (Melbourne, Australia) – it's our largest, and offers the most course options and areas of study. But be sure to check out all of our campuses.

For information about application procedures, eligibility criteria and deadlines visit how to apply.

Checklist for advisors

The application process

  • Students must complete a Monash Abroad application in addition to the agent application. Applications can be sent to us by email.
  • Make sure that you (the agent) have sighted and certified original transcripts and English language results.
  • Ensure your students are aware that if they apply for on-campus accommodation they must bring two passport sized photos with them when they check-in to Halls upon arrival at Monash.
  • Applications must be lodged with Monash by the partner/agent.

After submitting applications

  • We will send your students notification by email if there are any items missing from their application, such as additional academic requirements.
  • After assessment of eligibility criteria the study plan is sent to each faculty for unit (course) approval.
  • Once a student has had four units approved by the Monash faculty (including any chosen pre-approved units from our list), they will receive their offer.
  • Students must complete and submit the acceptance form sent with the offer within 14 days – this can be returned by email.
  • Once the acceptance form and all relevant payments have been received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be sent to the student – a student must have a CoE in order to apply for a study visa.

Services provided by Monash Abroad

Our support doesn't end once your student arrives to begin their study abroad program. Every student who receives an offer from Monash Abroad can take advantage of:

  • complimentary airport pick-up
  • a free comprehensive four-day orientation and welcome program.

Life at Monash

Life at our Monash campuses across Australia and in Malaysia is full of adventure and opportunity. Find out why you should choose Monash.

For more information about life at any of our Monash campuses, visit life at Monash.

English language bridging programs

The language of instruction at every Monash campus is English. To help students meet our English language requirements we have created an Monash English Bridging and Study Abroad program. The semester-long instruction, taken prior to commencing study abroad, is designed to help prepare students for learning, being assessed and dealing with every-day student life in English.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about our campuses, programs and pre-approved units, grading policy, academics, accommodation, key dates, and to request our fact sheet for study abroad, please contact us.