Study Abroad with Monash: Student from Brazil Transcript

"My name is Maria Cecilia. I am from the Federal University of Minas Gerais."
To Leandro: "Your name?"

"I am Leandro. I study at UFES, Federal University of Espírito Santo."

"And we won the Monash Dash race. It was a really good race; it was good because we got to know the whole campus."

"And now we are in Phillip Island."

"And they’re going to feed the pelicans now and we’re watching this."

"We’ve been studying at Monash for a month now and it’s been amazing."

"It is a very good university, and everything is about integration, you get to know a whole lot of people from everywhere in the world."

"There are many opportunities to learn many new things. It’s been great."

"Yeah... It’s a marvellous trip."

"I chose Monash because I work with various researches and my supervisor in Brazil collaborates with a supervisor from Monash and it is one the best universities in the world, very famous in science and this is what I’m studying, that is why I chose Monash."

"I chose Monash firstly because of the Stem-Cell program they have here which is very good and secondly because the Forensic Institute of Vitoria (in Brazil) is linked to Monash, and is an area that I wish to pursue, I managed to get some placements up to now, so I am very satisfied and that is all."

"It was a wonderful opportunity the government gave us, to be here, with everything paid for, wonderful experiences, to get to meet a whole lot of people, to study, to see a different view of the world, of how people understand this."

"The university is beautiful."

"That’s true."

Leandro and Marcia Cecillia.