Cover in Australia

Overseas Student Health Cover

A requirement to be issued a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Under Australian Government visa regulations, all international students (except those from Norway, Belgium and Swedish students with insurance provided by CSN International or Kammarkollegiet) must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before they can apply for a student visa. The purchase of OSHC is the first step in Monash being able to issue your CoE, which is a visa application requirement.

What do I get?

OSHC is provided by Allianz Global Assistance (a private insurance provider) and insures you for basic medical, hospital and pharmaceutical costs while you are enrolled at Monash. The policy covers the full cost of hospital treatment in a public hospital, but does not cover all medical and pharmaceutical services, or any dental costs. Coverage details for Allianz Global Assistance.

How to apply as an exchange student or independent study abroad student

In order to complete your acceptance to Monash, you also need to apply and pay for OSHC. Please follow the below instructions:

  1. Your offer letter will detail the period and cost of the OSHC required for your period of study and your student ID number.
  2. Pay this fee via the Monash online portal.
  3. Follow the prompt through "Accepting an offer" option.
  4. If paying by credit card, choose the "Visa or MasterCard in a foreign currency" option.
  5. Select the payment option and payment amount confirmed in your offer letter.
  6. After the payment is complete, send your receipt to your Monash Abroad coordinator by email.

How to apply for OSHC as study abroad student

My institution is covering my OSHC payment

If you are attending Monash as part of a study abroad cohort where OSHC is included in your package, all you do is sign and return your acceptance form to your Monash Abroad coordinator. After the acceptance form is returned your coordinator will issue your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), which you need in order to apply for your visa.

Cover in Malaysia

Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance

Under Malaysian Government visa rules, all international students must be covered for Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance in Malaysia.

Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance either fully covers or contributes towards most hospital charges, including room and board, consultation and surgical fees, intensive care and outpatient services, road ambulance services and reimbursement of tuition fees for lengthy illnesses (some maximum limits may apply).

The costs

You are required to pay the insurance premium during orientation as part of the student pass endorsement process. A full up-to-date list of coverage and benefits of the insurance scheme will be provided when you collect your Medical Insurance Card from the Finance Counter during orientation.