Back for Summer

Do you want to study at Monash in Semester One (February to June), but be home in time for an internship or classes over the summer in the northern hemisphere?

At Monash, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between the opportunity to study overseas, and valuable work experience or degree progression back home.

Our Back for Summer package supports you in getting the most out of your year, by providing flexibility in the timing of your Study Abroad program.

How does the Back for Summer package work?

The Back for Summer package is a collection of Monash units that are assessed entirely during Semester one without an in-person examination in June, allowing you to align your studies with the summer break in the northern hemisphere.

By selecting all your units from the Back for Summer package, you will not be required to stay until the end of Monash's examination period, and therefore be able to return home in early June after classes conclude at Monash to commence internships and/or summer classes at your home university.

The Back for Summer Units for 2020 are listed below, as an indication of unit offerings that may be available in future years.

The units in this specialisation are at undergraduate level, offered in Semester one (February to June).

How do I apply?

Learn more about how to apply to Monash Abroad by following the instructions at the link provided, and only select units from the above Back for Summer unit list in the study plan section of your application.

The unit information listed is based on the 2020 Monash Handbook. Before you list a unit on your study plan, please ensure you meet the unit's prerequisites and have a look at our academic considerations.