Pre-approved units

These pre-approved units are designed to help you get the most out of your time at Monash as an exchange or study abroad student, especially if this will the first time you have lived in a foreign country.

Most have no pre-requisites, but some have quotas, so make sure you include them in your study plan when you first apply to come to Monash.

You can click on the unit codes below to read a detailed description.

Pre-approved units you can take in Australia

Arts First year level - Semester one and two

  • ATS1001 Chinese introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1040 Religions and the modern world (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1041 World religions (1st Sem)
  • ATS1044 Performance 1 (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS1061 French introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1089 Fundamentals of journalism (1st Sem)
  • ATS1090 Practice of journalism (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS1091 German introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1111 Indonesian 1: Biographies (1st Sem)
  • ATS1141 Japanese introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1171 Korean introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1189 Acting 1: Theory and practice (1st Sem)
  • ATS1191 Spanish introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1208 Digital Humanities: Concepts, tools and debates (1st Sem)
  • ATS1211 Ukrainian introductory 1  (1st Sem)
  • ATS1221 Italian introductory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1247 Introducing archaeology 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1248 Introducing archaeology 2 (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1250 Social justice and Indigenous Australians (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1254 Culture, power and difference (1st Sem)
  • ATS1255 Encountering cultures: Introduction to anthropology 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1261 Understanding human behaviour (1st Sem)
  • ATS1262 Understanding social behaviour  (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1263 Bioethics: Current controversies (1st Sem)
  • ATS1264 Bioethics, justice and the law (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1267 Latin language 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1279 Media and culture (1st Sem)
  • ATS1280 Understanding the media (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1281 Understanding crime: An introduction (1st Sem)
  • ATS1282 Criminal justice: An introduction (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1287 Performance in context 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1291 Communication in international languages (1st Sem)
  • ATS1292 Englishes for global communication (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1297 Academic writing (1st Sem)
  • ATS1298 Professional writing (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1304 Introduction to television studies (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1305 Introduction to film studies (1st Sem)
  • ATS1309 The global challenge (2nd Sem) Note this unit has a domestic field trip that may incur an additional cost.
  • ATS1310 Extreme earth! Natural hazards and human vulnerability (1st Sem)
  • ATS1314 Human rights theory 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1315 Human rights theory 2 (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1316 Medieval worlds: From Vikings to the Silk Road (1st Sem)
  • ATS1317 Renaissance worlds: Conflict, art, invention (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1319 Global Asia (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1320 Nations at war: Revolution and empire (1st Sem)
  • ATS1321 Nations at war: The twentieth century (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1325 Contemporary worlds 1 (1st Sem)
  • ATS1326 Contemporary worlds 2 (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1336 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1A (1st Sem)
  • ATS1338 Sounds and words (1st Sem)
  • ATS1339 Putting words together (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1343 Popular music in global perspective (1st Sem)
  • ATS1345 Music and history (1st Sem)
  • ATS1346 Music and culture (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1347 Music ensemble 1 (1st Sem) Note: maybe subject to an audition
  • ATS1353 Foundations of modern politics (1st Sem)
  • ATS1365 Introduction to sociology (1st Sem)
  • ATS1366 The individual and society (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1371 Life, death and morality (Introduction to philosophy A) (1st Sem)
  • ATS1396 Drug cultures (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1515 Reading across cultures (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1701 Terrorism and political violence: An introduction (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1835 Time, self and mind (Introduction to philosophy B) (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1873 Introduction to international relations (1st Sem)
  • ATS1903 Introducing literature: Ways of reading (1st Sem)
  • ATS1904 Reading the city: Literary genres (2nd Sem)
  • ATS1945 Australian government and politics (2nd Sem)

Arts Second year level - Semester one and two

  • ATS2269 Exploring contemporary Australia: People, events, ideas (2nd Sem)
    Note: The unit has a domestic field trip component and may incur an additional cost.
  • ATS2185 Biblical texts and contexts  (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2256 Political psychology (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2490 Advanced professional writing (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS2586 Islam: Principles, civilisations, influences (1st Sem)
  • ATS2648 Contemporary Japan (1st Sem)
  • ATS2671 Managing intercultural communication (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2672 Exploring texts with computers (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2840 Philosophy of mind (1st Sem)
  • ATS2861 God, freedom and evil (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2867 Thinking about science (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS2872 Topics in Indian philosophy (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS2907 Islamic responses to the post-colonial age (2nd Sem)
  • ATS2924 Introduction to Ancient Egyptian language (1st Sem)
  • ATS2946 Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments & improve your reasoning skills (1st & 2nd Sem)

Arts Third year level - Semester one and two

  • ATS3089 Social institutions and power in Asia (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3157 Sources of religious violence: Texts and contexts (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3237 Italy on film (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3399 The politics of identity (1st Sem)
  • ATS3407 Psychoanalytic readings - Freud, Jung, Lacan (1st Sem)
  • ATS3580 The modern Middle East (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3616 Making America modern: Race, power and belonging in the twentieth-century (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3632 Post-conflict: Justice, memory, reconciliation (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3671 Managing intercultural communication (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3779 Cultural linguistics (1st Sem)
  • ATS3781 English as an international language: Writing across cultures (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3870 Philosophy of religion (1st & 2nd Sem)
  • ATS3888 Race and class in American literature (2nd Sem)
  • ATS3956 Trauma and memory in the modern world (2nd Sem)

Medicine - Semester one

  • HSC1100 - Introduction to research and evidence
  • HSC1200 Introduction to public health
  • PBH1102 Introduction to communicating health
  • NUR1110 Communication and scholarship in nursing and midwifery
  • NUR1111 Global health and cultural competence in nursing and midwifery practice
  • NUR2223 Safety in healthcare contexts
  • NUR3001 Evidence based health care
  • PMH1011 Mental health in the community
  • PSY1011 Psychology 1A
  • SWK2110 Social welfare and the law

Medicine - Semester two

  • HSC3001 Health, law and ethics
  • PBH1104 Global health: Opportunities and challenges
  • MID1000 Introduction to Midwifery
  • NUR1113 Law, ethics and leadership in nursing and midwifery
  • NUR2227 Primary health care and health promotion in nursing and midwifery contexts
  • NUT1011 Human nutrition: An introduction to nutrients
  • PSY1022 Psychology 1B
  • SWK2001 Introduction to the Australian welfare state
  • SWK3410 Critical social work 2: Community work, context and practice

Pre-approved units you can take in Malaysia

Monash University Malaysia doesn't offer any pre-approved units, but they have created pre-assessed
study plans for each faculty. If you'd like more information please speak to your faculty exchange advisor/coordinator.