Pre-approved units

These pre-approved units are designed to help you get the most out of your time at Monash as an exchange or study abroad student, especially if this will the first time you have lived in a foreign country.

Most have no pre-requisites, but some have quotas, so make sure you include them in your study plan when you first apply to come to Monash.

You can click on the unit codes below to read a detailed description.

Pre-approved units you can take in Australia

Arts First year level  

ATS1001Chinese introductory 1
ATS1041World religions
ATS1044Performance 1
ATS1061French introductory 1
ATS1072Popular music 1
ATS1089Fundamentals of journalism
ATS1091German introductory 1
ATS1111Indonesian 1: Biographies
ATS1125Public relations foundations
ATS1141Japanese introductory 1
ATS1171Korean introductory 1
ATS1189Acting 1: Theory and practice
ATS1191Spanish introductory 1
ATS1211Ukrainian introductory 1
ATS1221Italian introductory 1
ATS1247Introducing archaeology and ancient history 1
ATS1254Culture, power and difference: Indigeneity and Australian identity
ATS1255Encountering cultures: Introduction to anthropology 1
ATS1261Understanding human behaviour
ATS1263Bioethics: Current controversies
ATS1279Media and culture
ATS1287Performance in context 1
ATS1297Academic writing
ATS1305Introduction to film studies
ATS1310Extreme earth! Natural hazards and human vulnerability
ATS1314Human rights theory 1
ATS1325International studies: Origins of globalisation
ATS1338Language and communication: Sounds and words
ATS1345Music and history
ATS1353Foundations of modern politics
ATS1365Introduction to sociology
ATS1371Life, death and morality (Introduction to philosophy A)
ATS1420The global crime problem
ATS1421The complexity of crime
ATS1873Introduction to international relations
ATS1903Introducing literature: Ways of reading
ATS1905Chinese introductory for background speakers 1

Arts Second year level 

ATS2185Who wrote the Bible and why?
ATS2586Islam: Principles, civilisations, influences
ATS2648Contemporary Japan
ATS2840Philosophy of mind
ATS2924Introduction to Ancient Egyptian language
ATS2946Critical thinking: How to analyse arguments and improve your reasoning skills

Arts Third year level 

ATS3626Global disasters: Catastrophe and social change
ATS3870Philosophy of religion
ATS3956Trauma and memory in the modern world

Information Technology 

FIT1033Foundations of 3D
FIT1050Web fundamentals
FIT1052Digital futures: IT shaping society

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences 

PMH1011Mental health in the community
PSY1011Psychology 1A
HSC1100Introduction to research and evidence
HSC1200Introduction to public health
HSC2100Emerging challenges in health
HSC2200Health and the human lifespan 
HSC2300Health promotion and disease prevention
PBH1102Introduction to Communicating Health


BIO1022Life on Earth
BIO1042Life in the Environment
EAE1022Earth, Atmosphere and the Environment
SCI1300Climate change: From science to society
ASP1022Life in the universe - astrobiology
CHM1022Chemistry 2
SCI1020Introduction to statistical reasoning
MTH1010Functions and their applications

Pre-approved units you can take in Malaysia

Monash University Malaysia doesn't offer any pre-approved units, but they have created pre-assessed
study plans for each faculty. If you'd like more information please speak to your faculty exchange advisor/coordinator.