Study Abroad Honours in Australia

Commencing in Semester two, 2023

Are you studying at an Honours College at your home university?

You could be eligible for Monash’s Study Abroad Honours in Australia, designed exclusively for high-performing students.

The Study Abroad Honours in Australia program involves studying Monash units alongside intercultural leadership experiences selected to provide you with a transformative program at Monash.

What will I study?* 

As a core component of this program, you will study one of the Monash Intercultural Lab's signature units:

  • ATS2184 Intercultural skills for an internationalised workplace; OR
  • ATS2199 Intercultural encounters: communication, misunderstandings and conflict resolution

You can then select two or three units from the Monash handbook, based on your degree's requirements.

Optional curricular experiences

You will have the flexibility of choice when selecting the rest of your Monash units, including the option to study other programs on offer, such as:

Intercultural leadership experiences

In addition to studying Monash units, you will study co-curricular activities that focus on the development of your intercultural leadership skills as part of this program. Some examples of these experiences include:

Global Leadership Academy

A core component of the Study Abroad Honours in Australia program is the Global Leadership Academy, a three-day leadership retreat with a small cohort of students addressing intercultural awareness.

Co-curricular online modules

You will also have the option to study from a a package of co-curricular online modules which address intercultural competence and Australian culture:

  • Connecting Across Cultures: becoming a global citizen
  • Intercultural competence for the workplace
  • Australian Journey
  • Build your cultural intelligence
  • Translating your global experience into employability skills
Student Futures

Student Futures is an online platform that enables you to identify, articulate and reflect on key employability skills gained during your time at Monash. This reflection process aims to help you recognise and express your skills in future job applications, increasing your career readiness.

As part of the Study Abroad Honours program at Monash, you will use Student Futures to log and reflect on the co-curricular activities and learning experiences you participated in during the semester. These activities will be verified as completed by staff and then be listed on your Student Futures Certificate, which you can claim at the end of your semester at Monash.

How can I apply?

Visit our how to apply page to learn about what you can do to prepare your application now.

Please note that the Study Abroad Honours in Australia program is only available to Study Abroad students (students on an exchange program are not eligible), commencing from Semester two, 2023.

*Semester one, 2024 unit options will be available soon.

The unit information listed above is based on the 2022 Monash Handbook.