Why Study Abroad at Monash University? - Transcript

Jo: Hi, I’m Jo Howe, and I’m from Sussex University.

Taj: Hey, what’s up. I’m Taj Simmons, I’m from De Paul University.

Christian: I am Christian Eisenhower, and I go to Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania.

Juliette: Hi, I’m Juliette, I’m from Paris in France. In France I am studying at the University of Sciences Po.

David: Hi, my name’s David, I’m from Monash South Africa.

Alex: I’m Alex Lind from the University of Arizona.

Yvonne: I’m Yvonne Rincon from Boston College.

Gwendoline: ...and I’m Gwendoline Delepierre from Sciences Po in Paris.

So why did you choose Monash Study Abroad? (00:35-0:158)

Christian: Australia, the other side of the world – it was just pretty awesome. Um, and my school, actually – Melbourne, Monash University was the only one they offered. I looked in it, it looked like a good school, I could get all my classes to transfer over for other courses I need back at home, so it just worked out really well.

Taj: I chose to study abroad for a lot of reasons, especially in Australia. Um, I had a lot of friends growing up - I had some friends growing up who had personal ties to Australia and they told me about how good it was and how the culture is. And as far as studying abroad in general, I mean, I really like seeing new things, like I went a long way from my home to my college in the west, and to come this long to get to Australia – it’s just another adventure, it’s just another way to get to learn more things, because you can’t learn if you stay in one place.

Juliette: I chose Monash because I really wanted to live in this city, and the other reason is because it’s a huge campus, and in France there is no campus, or not a lot – and I really wanted to try the life on campus.

David: Well, back home Monash is regarded as one of the best universities in the world, so I figured, you know… if offers you a wide range of possibilities in terms of getting employed and I figured, yeah, may as well try Monash.

What are you studying at Monash? (01:58-02:35)

Juliette: I’m in second year, in the Faculty of Arts.

Christian: I’m taking International Business, that’s actually at the Caulfield campus.

Taj: We’re here at Broken Hill as part of ‘Australian Idol’, a class that Study Abroad students take at Monash… and we’re here to just really discover the real Australian experience, because being in the city – it’s a nice experience, but it’s not really getting out there and discovering parts of Australia that we want to discover.

Jo: I’m doing Australian Idol, which is one of my main courses, which is really good for, like, international students because I get to do trips, sort of like this!

Cassie (?): Monash Abroad Orientation was really good, we all just arrived in Australia, and didn’t really know what to do, and Monash Abroad kind of took care of us for the first week. We arrived, and we had breakfast - and it was awesome! We had a few lectures on what we needed to know when arriving in Australia about the culture, and things we needed to do to sort our lives here. It was also great to meet new people, and it was also really entertaining, and it was really welcoming – it was really cool, I really enjoyed it.

David: The first week, when we first got here, the orientation was awesome. They gave us so much information, but it was just the exact information that you need to get to know how you’re going to live around Melbourne. You get to meet so many people from like, everywhere. I got to meet people from the US, from China, and it’s just ridiculous the amount of people you get to meet form everywhere, it’s just multicultural – at its best.

Juliette: It’s a week just for Abroad students, and really, it’s like to arrive in a family that takes care of you. You arrive in the morning; you have pancakes, coffee just for you to for all the week. Everybody pay attention to you. They explain everything to you, about the university. It’s really, a better way to discover Monash, because you’re not too afraid about all the people around – you can discover university slowly, and there is a lot of fun activities after that.

Favourite part of Orientation? (04:15 – 05:25)

Alex, Yvonne and Gwendoline: THE MONASH DASH!

Yvonne: I thought we were losing at first…

Alex: Yeah, basically…

Gwendoline: Our strategy was just running…

Yvonne: Run, yeah!

Alex: Run! And um, we went…

Yvonne: … bobsledding.

Alex: Yeah! And we would encourage each other, and we had nice words of confidence, and…

Yvonne: Group work.

Gwendoline: No, we didn’t have time to have nice words of confidence.

Alex: At the end there were lots of nice words, but during it there were lots of riddles, and we didn’t… we didn’t necessarily know where a lot of things were…

Yvonne: Team work… team work…

Alex: …but teamwork, with five of us being here already a week, we kind of figured out where things were… such as the ugliest building – we didn’t really know what that was, but…

Yvonne: It was Menzies, because it was ugly…

Alex: …but we guessed that! Exactly! And we talked to some locals…

Cassie: I went to the Eureka Skydeck, and the Ice Bar, and it was really fun. It was like, a good way to meet the other exchange students because we’d feel like we were all together, and all in this together and um, and we’re starting this experience all together, so it was a good way to bond.

Accommodation (05:35 – 06:59)

David: I’m currently staying off campus. Using the off campus facilities that Monash actually offers you, and they helped me in getting a place off campus and that was really cool, because I’ve got an awesome landlord and pretty awesome housemates as well.

Juliette: I’m living in Hawthorn, it’s next to the city, three stations to the city, and to get to Monash I just have to change at Richmond and there’s a train.

Cassie: I live in Richardson Hall, on the Clayton campus, and it’s really fun. It’s a really cool environment. Monash with their Residential Services really tried their best to make exchange students comfortable, because we arrived during the second semester and we still managed to meet a lot of people, because there was an Orientation week for all of the residents, and we had games, we had outings, we went bowling and laser tagging, and it was really fun. We got to meet all the other Richardson residents. We met in the common room, we played pool or ping pong or just chilled on the couches in the massive common room. And uh, it was good because now I got to know a lot more people than I could have if I was living in the city.

Jo: I’m living in the halls of residence, which are really friendly and really good, and actually a lot better than they’re made out to be. Yeah, they’re really good.

Benefits of Monash Abroad for your future (06:59- 08:25)

Taj: I feel like I’ve got a much more well-rounded view of everything, ‘cos like I said, if you stay in one place you kind of develop one ideology, one mentality. But for me to be in a completely different country and to see how people do things, you know… so far from where I’m from – it’s really a life changing experience in more ways than one.

Cassie: So, I wanted to go overseas, because I think it’s going to be a good asset on my CV later. I think it will be good if I go visit the world, and see what’s out there, interact with other cultures and be open to other countries and other cultures, because in the globalised world, I think that’s what employers and going to look for, because you need to interact with other countries all the time. I just don’t want to visit Asia, I want to experience it as a local.

David: I’d like to continue just discovering new places, and with Monash, it just allows you to do that. You can move from one campus to another, still do your units, still graduate. Monash is highly regarded here, as well the opportunities of getting employed here is actually pretty good, so you get that working experience, and it just sets you up to be globally employable.